About GENforLIFE

As a new and fast growing brand in Hong Kong, Genfortune Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the sub-companies in Top Empire International Limited.

TEIL Founded in the year 1987, we have been involving in a diverse range of business operations, including the manufacturing, sale and distribution of baby food, healthcare and pharmaceutical products. One such product is the Wong To Yick® Medicated Balm, a best-selling product in China and Hong Kong for over three decades.

In addition, we distribute products made in Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, like Cheong-Kwan-JangKorea Red Ginseng, Sanwa Seirogan, Tiger Balm, Kwan Loong Oil, both are famous brands in great China region. After years of hard work, we are proud of the results we have achieved – the products we represent can be found in every city in China.

As the growth of Top Empire business, we established an affiliate, named Genfortune Pharmaceuticals Limited. Genfortune Pharmaceuticals Limited launched a series of products with “GENforLIFE” brand in Hong Kong market, such as FlexiBone-PROF, Omiplus-PROF, EC-GRO Algae Oil DHA etc..

We believe in high-quality products with standardized amounts of active ingredients. To this aim, we have partnered with key Hong Kong GMP manufacturers, such as the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology, a subsidiary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to deliver products of consistent quality as manufactured according to GMP standards.

We hope to cater to the needs of the aging population by developing dietary supplements which target cognitive health, improve vision and strengthen bones. In 2012, we released a series of “small-molecule” products and got a great response from the community.

With regards to product research and development, we have worked with numerous scientific research organizations and tertiary institutions to explore the use of plant stem cells in products. We aim to provide the most stable and high-quality products for the people in need. The product range offered by us has been growing steadily. Besides having over thirty wholesale distribution hubs in China, we have many partners with which we have built long-term collaborations. We are committed to working with domestic and international enterprises and research organizations to take our business further.

In addition, a product counter display has been set up in our office, customer who wants to know more about our featured product, we would like to explain in details, feel free to leave us a message or contact us via phone or WhatsApp.

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